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Our Produce

Seaview Farm is a Diversified, Grass-Based, Beyond Organic, Direct Marketing Farm. For context, please understand we do not do anything conventionally.

Guiding Principles-


Our pasture raised livestock and poultry, are moved frequently to a new “salad bar”, managing the land with this method encourages landscape healing and nutritional superiority. We currently practice mob-grazing with our cows who will be joined by sheep to create a ‘flerd’ in the near future. These species prefer different types of plants, so provide even disturbance to the land allowing even opportunity for recovery. Over time these actions will suppress weeds, allowing us to avoid the use of chemical pesticides to manage weeds. We use ‘Eggmobiles’ allowing the poultry to follow the ruminant species, namely cows and sheep. The birds scratch through the dung, eat the fly larvae, scatter nutrients into the soil and give eggs as a by-product. Quality must always go up- as we grow, we will never compromise quality. With regenerative methods of farming the quality of the soil and in turn the food produced will continue to improve.


We provide the plants and animals a habitat that allows their diversity to flourish and thrive.  The different species are encouraged to complement the growth of all living things that are naturally found in this environment. From the tuber plants to the wild pheasants and our animals we raise, they all live in harmony together, with Seaview Farmers as stewards of the land.


We believe in producing food with integrity. We all should seek food closer to home, our local geographical area. We encourage not only the enjoyment of seasonal food as well as reacquainting ourselves with our home kitchens to make delicious and nutritious meals for you and those you care for. Closer to home means home cooked meals of a high standard.

Natures Template:

We strive to mimic nature’s patterns at all corners of our food production. Ensuring moral and ethical boundaries are the foundation of all our processes. For example, cows are herbivores, able to upcycle nutrients from vegetation as nature intended. Our mission at Seaview farm is to provide the most nutrient dense product available directly to the consumer. We focus our efforts on soil health using regenerative agriculture, meaning farming with nature instead of against her. We are acutely aware of the relationship between food choices and health, and we wish to ensure that every bite you take is a bite closer to health.

Soil health and Earthworms:

We focus our efforts on enhancing the earthworms in our pasture environment. The worms stimulate the soil biota, a healthy and diverse microbiome within our soil is our first priority.

Healthy soil creates healthy food.

We strive to achieve this in many ways. The most important method we use to increase soil health is promoting diversity of life on our farm, from the smallest soil microbe to the largest grazing ruminant. We do this by planting a range of species in the form of cover crops for the various animals to graze and provide habitats for many different types of wildlife and bugs.

Never Ever Promise

We do not use chemical fertilizers, do not plough or disc the land. NEVER EVER are growth promoters/hormones or antibiotics administered to the animals from birth. When an animal gets sick we try natural remedies like a vitamin shot. If the animal’s well-being is in danger we will go ahead and treat the animal with antibiotics, but the treated animal is removed from our programme and Never sold as Seaview Farms produce. Our animals are supplemented with natural seaweed supplement in their diet to provide them with beneficial minerals.